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Dodd Frank Derivatives

Companies and business owners are often caught in the mix with new laws that are created and passed. The Dodd Frank Act became a target of discussions featuring the both positive and negative side of the act. Companies and business owners who engage…


Compliance Management Software


Compliance checks are done on a regular basis to many companies. This helps prevent conflict of interest and ensure that no laws or regulations are broken as well as lead internal audits of procedure. Compliance management indeed plays a very important role especially…


Portfolio Management Software


Technology has paved the way in creating certain innovations which made our daily task much easier to handle. Modern technological advancements are becoming more frequent and a huge number of individuals freely welcome such change to their lives. The business industry benefits greatly…


Protect Your Assets with Cash Management Software

cash management

Having a business that deals with a lot of cash inflow and outflow needs a secure and reliable overseer. Data should always be accurate as single digit mistakes could prove fatal to the entire operation. If you are an operations manager, it is…


How Portfolio Management System Increases Your Company’s Net worth

portfolio management system

Every business aims to attract new investors into the company and using a portfolio management system greatly helps in the process. One of the best ways to do this is to create an impressive portfolio that brags all the achievements of the company…


Portfolio Management Software

portfolio management software

Whether you are an individual or personal investor or you are a big business investor, potentials for your investments to grow after several years are high. Handling this may not be easy anymore, but with portfolio management software, you will be able to…


A Closer Look at the Future of Derivatives Processing

cash management

In the derivatives industry, important year-over-year transaction volume growth has become the norm. With high-frequency trading driving up the volumes of trades to hundreds of thousands or even millions to pay, derivatives processing participants should have the ability to manage such higher volumes.…


5 Essentials Tips on Investment Performance Measurement

Investment performance

After building an investment portfolio, you need to keep tabs on how it performs. In some cases, investment performance measurement might seem like a lot of babysitting, but it will all depend on what you own. Owning many individual stocks will require you…


Why Organizations Should Use Investment Management Software

investment management software

Investment management software is a technology that means a centralized repository for digital media. Such software will let you archive, organize, distribute and access collections of digital contact like documents images, videos and other creative files. Once a file is coupled with metadata,…


3 Tips for Successful Asset Manager Software Implementation

otc derivatives clearing

It is important for efficient asset manager software to being together an effective system with a simple data collection process. The most effective way to accomplish this is to have asset manager software that is already radio frequency identifiers-enabled. With this technology, the…