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Portfolio management system

Readily information is important for companies and business owners as they require up to date and timely data to be able to keep themselves relevant to their customer’s interest. This is indeed quite important especially with fierce competition that is just around every…


Asset Management System for Your Internet-based Business


There are a lot of reasons why you should be happy when you have realized that you already own many assets. There is no doubt though that the most compelling of these is that you have so many sources of income too. As…


Challenges of Creating a Centralized OTC Derivatives Clearing

otc derivatives clearing

During the height of the great depression that affected the economies of great nations, several financial regulations and solutions to threats affecting economic stability has been formulated. The implementation of the Dodd Frank Act and the formation of the Group of Twenty (G20)…


The Great Benefits Of The Dodd Frank Derivatives


In July 2010, there was a law that helped many investors and the great American taxpayers in a great way and has paved way for many great things today. This is the Dodd-Frank derivatives and it was signed by the US President Barack…


Investment Accounting Manager and Portfolio Management Solution

portfolio management solution

Indeed, asset management can be a challenging industry to be in especially with the rising level of competition and rapid-changing economic-driven factors that affect the investment market at large. However, with powerful tools such as portfolio management solution, portfolio managers can create more…


The Importance of Portfolio Risk Management Software

portfolio management solution

You are no different from the other investors if you are keen on guaranteeing that you would not fall into risky situations when it comes to business.  This is understandable that huge sums of money could be involved here.  However, you must realize…


Investment Accounting and Why You may Need It

investment accounting

As someone who is involved in the world of business, you must have heard about investment accounting countless times.  Apparently, those who do not engage in trading and investments do not care what it is and what it can do for their finances. …


Make a Pension Plan Pension Fund Management Software

investment accounting

Microsoft Money is a personal finance and pension fund management software that was discontinued by its manufacturer in 2009 because “personal financial-management software has changed considerably in the 17 years since Money was first established.” But many Window users still have an operational…


Today’s Top 4 Financial Risk Management Software Systems

financial risk management software

Business face risk on a daily basis. It is for this reason that you need to have a financial risk management software system in place to make sure that these threats are immediately dealt with and will not cause any problems with the…


How to Implement Portfolio Management Systems

portfolio management

Portfolio management systems embrace effective business practices designed to help you create more value from projects and cut operating costs. Many organizations find that portfolio management systems allow them to make more prudent, informed and cost-effective business decisions regularly. These systems include a…