What are your plans for this coming summer? I have A LOT of plans, and maybe I have been a little too enthusiastic with my planning both concerning time and money. The country I live in – which is Denmark, a small country in Scandinavia- I s cold and dark for the most part of the year, and when the days become longer and the weather gets a little less cold I always get really excited. This has resulted in me making a bunch of plans. First of all I am going to Sardinia, an Italian island, for ten days. I am leaving this Sunday, and to be honest it is a little out of my budget already. Then I am going to two different music festivals in Denmark, and then on two trips in Denmark, to two different small islands off the Danish coast. In late August I have planned to visit Greenland, since my friend is moving there. The only thing I have to think about concerning my visit to Greenland is the plane ticket, since I’ll be staying with my friend. And then I also really, really want to visit another friend who has just moved to Los Angeles. Maybe I should just visit Greenland, but boy do I also want to go visit L.A!