I’m going into the travel industry. But I will not be employed, but I will start my own travel agency. I’m not going to be any kind of travel agency. And I’m not going to arrange travels to the same destinations as my competitors because I have planned a special profile. I’m going to arrange Iceland travels, Greenland travels and other Nordic destinations. But again it should not just be travels, that all other travel agencies arrange. I’m going to arrange so-called adventure travel for couples. For example, my travels to Iceland, based on, among other things glacier and horseback riding, where you get to experience the beautiful nature of Iceland. On my trips to Iceland the focal point will be dog sled rides on the inland ice. But if the focal point is a romantic trip, I will also focus much on accommodation. There also needs to be romantic refreshments such as champagne, fruit and other goodies. I have not created a website yet, but I have among other things, a Facebook page called Adventure Vacations for couples. Or if you search on Google with the following keywords so you can also find me on Iceland travels  + romance or traveling to Iceland couples. So if you miss a little romance with your partner, then you should contact me.