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The Vital Role of Post Trade Processing on Stock Trade Industry


  In the absence of adequate post-trade processing solutions, operational risk would increase and long-term growth prospects can be reduced. Effective confirmation matching and processes are an important subset of the overall post-trade processing trend; it has been an increasingly significant as time…


3 Tips for Successful Asset Manager Software Implementation

otc derivatives clearing

It is important for efficient asset manager software to being together an effective system with a simple data collection process. The most effective way to accomplish this is to have asset manager software that is already radio frequency identifiers-enabled. With this technology, the…


Duties of a Fund Manager

investment accounting

The fund manager’s duty is to ensure that all schedules of deposits coincide with the demands of loan. To be able to do this, the manager must take a closer look on both the assets and liabilities since this can influence the bank’s…


The Importance of Insurance Risk Management


Risk management is not just an aspect that companies take lightly. This is one aspect that needs thorough consideration. As a company, are you looking for that top of the line insurance risk management solution that is tailored to cater to your company’s…


The Use of Trade Order Management System: Trading at its Peak

portfolio management solution

In the old days, many firms built their own order management system and only a few proprietary systems are alive and well on both the buyer’s side and the seller’s side. With the soaring volume of trading around the globe, it is right…


5 Tips to Lower Cost on Running Asset Management Software


Asset management software is at the top of the cost-saving goals of many organizations today. However, poor practice in IT service procurement and delivery can make the challenge of unlocking the vast opportunity it represents a hard task. Complexities in licensing models, numerous…


An Alternative: Fund Manager Software

financial risk management software

Funds management centers on how a company spends its money and where this spending power comes from and how it is managed. Cash flow involves the inflow and outflow of a company’s funds and fund management requires meticulous attention to detail. A 1995…


The Importance of Investment Reporting Software for Businesses

investment reporting software

Whatever strategy you choose to analyze your equity investments and fixed income, there are some inherent risks involved. With investment reporting software, you are provided a streamlined way to convey details with your insights via regular reports and custom reports. Investment reporting software…